Summer in the city: Intern Audrey Armitage tells us how she caught the Model D bug

As a student just finishing up my freshman year at University of Michigan, I had no idea what I wanted to do during the summer, only that I wanted to write. I stumbled across Model D and immediately became immersed in the excellent quality of the writing, content, and graphics. It was refreshing to read about so many interesting happenings in Detroit. With a vibrant, eclectic collection of restaurants, shops, artists, exhibitions, music, and events, the uniqueness of Detroit is well worth exploring and celebrating. There is a distinct sense of community that spreads throughout Detroit's many miles -- unlike anything I've experienced growing up in the suburbs.

Activities in Detroit -- concerts, music festivals, exhibits at MOCAD -- are a big part of my life. As I became more interested in Detroit, Model D stood out as the perfect blend of relevant, interesting information and artistic delivery.

One of my first experiences with Model D was working on the Speaker Series event, Gay Detroit. It was a warm summer evening, and the Park Bar was packed with a diverse group of people. Many were there for the Gay Detroit event, but they were also joined by members of local soccer teams celebrating after a game.

The room was filled with lively and articulate discussion about LGBT life in Detroit from panelists and audience members alike. There was a distinct sense of openness and friendliness, and everyone was very warm and welcoming. The panelists were energetic and engaging, and I greatly enjoyed hearing so many brilliant opinions on such an important topic.

I am a student in the Residential College at University of Michigan. The Residential College is a small learning community within the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts. I chose this program because the RC emphasizes languages, writing, and the arts, while also recognizing the importance of smaller class sizes.

My experience so far has been fantastic. I have taken many wonderful writing classes, and through these have discovered and begun to develop my passion for creative writing. Although I do miss Detroit while at school, I love the smaller scale and constant activity of living in Ann Arbor. I am studying Chinese, and I hope to be fluent in the next couple of years. I plan to major in creative writing and literature, and minor in Chinese studies.

I've always had a passion for reading and writing, and I cannot imagine doing anything else.  Photography and travel are also important components of my life. I hope to take several photography classes, and plan to study abroad in China or Ireland. After I graduate, my goal is to live in China and work as a writer, editor, or translator. 

Being involved with Model D has expanded my interest and awareness of all that Detroit has to offer, and awakened my interest in journalism.

Audrey Armitage wrote a review of the recent Model D Speaker Series forum on Gay Detroit.

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