Green City Diaries in pictures

It's a little hard to believe, but Green City Diaries is nearly a year old! When the Green Garage and Model D started our joint "everyday heroes" series back in January, we knew there was an abundance of good stories to tell about Detroiters choosing to live and work more sustainably. We also knew that there was a curious, engaged, and supportive local audience ready to read them.

But we couldn't have imagined the overwhelming, positive response we've received since then. The last nine months' work has provided the occasion for countless heartening demonstrations of Detroiters' enthusiasm for learning about and discussing more sustainable ways of inhabiting their city. As the series' writer, it's been my great pleasure and privilege to help start some of these conversations, and watch them unfold (on- and offline).

But words are just the half of it. Marvin Shaouni's accompanying photographs, illustrating every article, have brought these stories about our remarkable neighbors and evolving regional consciousness to vivid and immediate life. From arresting portraits and landscapes to infrastructural studies and close ups of things that grow, Marvin's photos have turned each diary entry into a treasure trove of evocative, revelatory imagery.

This time, we're going to let the pictures speak mostly for themselves, with a slideshow that retraces the steps we've taken so far. Enjoy the look back, and stay tuned in coming months for more stories, more conversations, and more great photos of the sustainable city we're all growing, together, every day. 
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