Partnering with Paxahau: Movement prime movers more than about music

It should be said right up top that James Canning, the communications steward over all things related to Paxahau and Movement, must share equal credit for this story.

If it were not for his gentle push in the direction of turning the spotlight on partnerships that extend beyond the music itself, we'd still only be writing about Carl Craig, Kyle Hall, Jeff Mills, Public Enemy and other talents scheduled to play the festival, myriad after-parties and off-site events (actually, music fans, we have much of that covered in FilterD and Buzz).
What would you call it, James? "Call it 'Partnering with Paxahau' if you like," he said. Done. "But 'Uniquely Detroit' would be the focus of the article. Movement provides people a niche, underground-type event that is unique to Detroit and its music, at the same time there is an (increasing) focus on creating synergies with Detroit organizations and institutions."

Wow, that's so good we had to change only a word or two to make it sound just right.

Canning was kind enough to list some of the collaborators that make Movement 2012 globally unique and at the same time "more Detroit" than ever.
Here we go:

The CAMP Detroit project offered six teams from Detroit's creative community the chance to develop art installations for the festival grounds -- and includes a partnership between CAMP Detroit and the Detroit Creative Corridor Center.  

There is an entire stage dedicated to Detroit artists sponsored by the clothing brand Made in Detroit. There will be a biergarten with local craft beers and Slows to Go. Cheers to that.

Detroit City FC gear will be on sale on the festival grounds as a way to make a connection between Detroit's own soccer team and the sport loved by Europeans; and another partnership with Wheelhouse Detroit includes bike tours and deals on bike rentals (when you show a Movement wristband) for the weekend.

Finally, Paxahau is honoring the strong -- and yes, unique -- work done at Youthville Detroit by donating a limited edition Moog "Little Phatty" to the music technology program at that fab organization's HQ in New Center. Radical.

Thank you, James. We'll see you, and everybody else, downtown. 

(Editor's note: Model D is also a media partner of Movement 2012)

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