Coffee and conversation at Creative Mornings lecture this Friday

How to land the perfect creative gig? In this instant-gratification society, it takes patience for sure. But while you’re working toward your passion, it shouldn’t stop you from being creatively curious, earning some much-needed bucks and soon you will be interesting to the creative world.

Each of those jobs carved a path to being on a team that creates campaigns for the world’s largest brands. It’s a journey of decision points on the road map of life.

This Friday, Jen Todd Gray, VP Creative Services, and Darrin Brege and Chris Stevens creative directors at ePrize will take you on their wild rides at Creative Mornings at Great Lakes Coffee. 

December’s Creative Mornings takes place at the cafe at 3965 Woodward Ave. in Midtown. This week's caffeinated lecture is Friday, Dec. 7, 8:30-10 a.m.

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