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Hamtramck: Michigan's most walkable city

Are there any benefits to a city making itself more walkable? Plenty, says walkscore.com, which ranks cities across the nation based on a patent-pending algorithm that gives points to amenities located within a quarter-mile radius. Residents of walkable cities typically weigh 6-10 lbs. less than their car-bound counterparts, for one. They also tend to be more involved in their communities and get more value from their homes.

Michigan's rankings are up, and the city of Hamtramck topped the state in terms of walkability (we're still scratching our heads over Madison Heights, which was ranked #3). Want to live a "car-lite" lifestyle where there is an Indian, Arab, Polish or Mexican-Asian fusion kitchen on three commercial avenues -- Jos. Campau, Conant and Caniff -- not to mention options for art and music, accessible via a few long strides down human-scale residential streets? Head for Hamtown.

Check out scores and more here.
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