More urban farm chatter, this time from the Infrastructurist

The Infrastructurist, a blog that examines city infrastructure, puts together 11 photos of a few urban agriculture projects from New York City to San Francisco. Detroit's Earthworks Farm pops up in the first four photos. The blog asks: Can urban farms save a city? Not by themselves, that's for sure. But they could be a piece to the puzzle.

Excerpt from the Infrastructurist:

Earthworks Farm may be just the start for this city that is said to include 40 square miles of vacant land. Detroit's mayor has recently announced his intention to designate three major areas specifically for farming, including an entire neighborhood just east of downtown.

Already, two big establishments are planning to set up shop. Hantz Farms, which plans to create 70 acres of fertile land, claims to be working to build the world's largest urban farm.

Read the entire article here.
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