USA Today looks to Detroit for city center re-population trends

Call them the young and the restless. The Census stats are in, and while Detroit's depopulation woes have made national headlines, the city center's re-population adds another element to the story. Since 2000, Detroit's downtown population grew by 59 percent, as at least 2000 residents moved to the downtown area. Detroit's growth mirrors a trend across the nation, as two-thirds of the nation's largest cities reported population increases in the heart of the town. Those new residents, says USA Today, are by and large well-educated: young people with college degrees are 94 percent more likely than their less-educated counterparts to live in an urban area.


"It tells us we've been on the right track," says David Egner, president and CEO of Detroit's Hudson-Webber Foundation. Three anchor institutions -- Wayne State University, Henry Ford Health System, Detroit Medical Center -- recently launched "15 by 15," a campaign to bring 15,000 young, educated people to the downtown area by 2015. Among the lures are cash incentives: a $25,000 forgivable loan to buy (need to stay at least five years) downtown or $3,500 on a two-year lease.

Check the stats out here.
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