Alchemy Business Strategies helps law firms with bedside manner

Iris Jones likes to say her business, Alchemy Business Strategies, specializes in helping law firms with client relations, specifically their bedside manner. It makes sense in a roundabout way since Jones moved to Michigan in July to be closer to her family and take part in Detroit's rebirth.

"I like the idea of being close to my family," Jones says. "I can operate my business from anywhere."

The business consultancy is now based in TechTown and is a bit of a career switch for Jones. She spent 20 years practicing law, and one of the major things she noticed was a breakdown in communication between law firms and their clients. Her new business aims to bridge that divide. It also aims to make better relations for law firms and other businesses internally, such as bridging generational divides between employees.

Jones is also intrigued by the steady progress the Motor City has made in recent years. She wants to add to it by growing her own business here. She expects to add a new employee or two over the next year.

"I want to be a part of the revitalization," Jones says. "How exciting that can be."

Source: Iris Jones, CEO of Alchemy Business Strategies
Writer: Jon Zemke

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