AskSupportNow develops proactive IT maintenance software

AskSupportNow isn't the first business launched by Brian Royster. The Wayne State University student ran a refurbished computer store, an enterprise he enjoyed running but didn't get rich off of.

"I told myself the next time I start a business it would be a little bit more scalable," Royster says. "That's when I came up with (AskSupportNow's) help-desk concept."

is developing a software platform that provides IT services to small- and medium-sized businesses. The Blackstone LaunchPad-based startup's technology is unique because it focuses on pinpointing and solving IT problems before they happen. It accomplishes this through tracking things like hard-drive temperature or the condition of the system's RAM.

"It reports all that information to let us know what's happening," Royster says. "It's a proactive solution."

AskSupportNow and its three-person team are in the later stages of developing this software. It recently received $5,000 in seed capital to finish software development and facilitate its launch in September.

Source: Brian Royster, CEO of AskSupportNow
Writer: Jon Zemke

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