Boots on the Ground puts veterans to work making boots in Detroit

Boots on the Ground sees an America that doesn't only help its veterans find work but helps them create a career by making boots in Detroit.

The downtown Detroit-based nonprofit is working to create a jobs program for veterans through manufacturing an urban utility boot.

"There is a large population of veterans and young people who are unemployed or underemployed," says Jarret Alan Schlaff, co-founder and CEO of Boots on the Ground.

Boots on the Ground wants to help put those veterans to work. The organization has designed a high quality, ecologically conscious boot. The goal is to create the world's most sustainable boot. It is also aiming to create other products like shirts and hoodies.

Boots on the Ground has been working with New Work Collective in Detroit and has come up with prototypes and logos. Now it’s working on its manufacturing process and is aiming to launch a crowd funding campaign this summer.

"We will be doing a limited run [of boots] this year," Schlaff says, adding he expects them to sell out quickly.

The important part is to help transitions veterans into quality jobs and then careers. The 1-year-old non-profit wants to help the veterans fighting things like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other challenges overcome to find a job, housing, and whatever else they may need to lead a successful life. The nonprofit has already hired its its first veteran and gets help from another 17 volunteers.

"It's more than just a job," Schlaff says. "We don't want to just pay a living wage. We imagine what it means to wage a living."

Source: Jarret Alan Schlaff, co-founder & CEO of Detroit Boots
Writer: Jon Zemke

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