High school students turn study lessons into new startup, High School 101

Many high school students spend their time working hard to graduate. A small group in Metro Detroit are doing that and making a business out of it.

High School 101 is an educational resource created by students that teaches other students how to learn. The idea is that students are more likely to relate and follow the advice of their peers.

"When a student in high school tells them what they did to succeed, they will use those tools," says Jonah Erlich, founder & CEO of High School 101.

Erlich is a senior at Frankel Jewish Academy in West Bloomfield. Last year he noticed his younger sister was having a harder time with school, so he helped teach her how to be a better student.

"After helping her I thought, 'Why don’t I try to help other people out?'" Erlich says.

He worked with school administrators to put on a small seminar teaching other students how to better learn in class. More than 20 students showed up and the idea took off. Now Erlich and team of four other people (high school and college students) are working to put this idea into an online learning tool through High School 101, which is based in downtown Detroit where Erlich shares an office with his father.

The High School 101 team is currently working on building out a user base and developing more educational products over the next year.

Source: Jonah Erlich, founder & CEO of High School 101
Writer: Jon Zemke

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