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HIRE DETROIT! inspires local biz to hire unemployed

Detroit Employment Solutions Corp is launching an initiative called HIRE DETROIT!, which will encourage local businesses in the Motor City to hire at least one Detroiter over the next year.

hopes to encourage the hiring of 25,000 Detroiters by the end of the next year. To accomplish this, the nonprofit is working to raise awareness about the Motor City's talent pool to new businesses moving in and taking part in major infrastructure projects, such as M-1 Rail.

"I think it's important to remind employers that are moving into the city and benefiting from these contracts to consider these qualified Detroiters," says Pamela  Moore, president & CEO of Detroit Employment Solutions Corp.

HIRE DETROIT! is modeled after HIRE ONE Atlanta, an initiative launched two years ago to encourage Atlanta-based businesses to hire more local talent. Both HIRE ONE Atlanta and HIRE DETROIT! are working to help reverse the unemployment numbers by facilitating more local hiring of unemployed people.

HIRE DETROIT! is working with Michigan Works! centers across the city to get more Detroiters into more job openings.

"It's time to focus on the human capital of Detroit, not just the venture capital," Moore says.

Source: Pamela  Moore, president & CEO of Detroit Employment Solutions Corp
Writer: Jon Zemke

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