Mobile start-up Nightly set to launch nightlife app

The three-person team at Nightly is gearing up to launch a new mobile app that it expects will help streamline the nightlife experience in Detroit.

The mobile app will help its users find a bar or a party or RSVP for an event. It will also help users do simple things like call a cab. Think of it as a mobile concierge service, among other things. The app is set to launch in January and the Nightly team hopes to make a household name in its first year.

Krystal Smith, one of those three co-founders, recently graduated from D:hive's BUILD program, which helps aspiring entrepreneurs realize their business ambitions. Smith and her partners hope to set up a home office for their business in downtown Detroit in 2013.

"We want to be one of the businesses that helps bring Detroit back," Smith says.

Source: Krystal Smith, co-founder of Nightly
Writer: Jon Zemke

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