PicketReport creates five jobs with CarFacts-like reports for houses

It wasn't that long ago that Brian Bandemer graduated from Bizdom and began his own start-up. Today that tech firm, PicketReport, is growing and creating jobs in downtown Detroit.

Think of PicketReport as a CARFAX for your home, a service that provides useful information about nearby things like schools, businesses and safety. It's advertising itself as a tool that real-estate agents and relocation company professionals can use for their customers. PicketReport's info can be accessed via its website or a mobile app.

Bandemer, a former employee of Menlo Innovations, launched the start-up in August. It debuted its redesigned website in March and plans to leverage it to continue to grow its customer base. The five-person firm currently is having its technology leverage by a few dozen customers and plans to grow that number exponentially over the next year.

"We would like to have 7-10 employees a year from now," Bandemer says. "We would like to have our infrastructure on 1,000 real-estate broker sites."

Source: Brian Bandemer, co-founder of PicketReport
Writer: Jon Zemke

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