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Compuware employee reinvents video game controller with REvolve

Peter Von Buskirk searches for video game controller options that often frustrated the software developer, so he made his own.

The REvolve is a cross-platform controller that works for video games on PC, Mac, Android, OUYA, PS3 and Xbox360 systems. It combines a trackball function with a traditional gamepad to provide easier player movement. That was about a decade ago. Although Von Buskirk and his team knew they had a winning combination they couldn't find the right support to break through into the mainstream market.

"We came close to a retail sales deal a couple of times but it never panned out," Von Buskirk says.

The Compuware mobile app developer is giving it another go, this time taking it directly to the people with a Kickstarter campaign. REvolve is working to raise $60,000 to manufacture a short run of the controller. So far it has raised about $25,000 and has 11 days left.

"It's basically a finished product," Von Buskirk says. "There is an established trend where consumers connect directly with the developer even if the demand is small."

For information on REvolve and its Kickstarter campaign, click here.

Source: Peter Von Buskirk, creator of REvolve
Writer: Jon Zemke

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