Signal Techtronics invents a better LED light bulb

A couple of Wayne State University students are inventing a better light bulb and turning that idea into a new startup, Signal Techtronics.

Tom Kim and Christopher Attar are developing a next-generation LED light bulb that last longer. The 6-month-old startup's design simplifies the bulb's circuity so it runs cooler and last longer. It also utilizes a vegetable glycerine that replaces an aluminum, making the manufacture of the bulb cheaper.

"It's more effective in cooling and is much cheaper to manufacture," Kim says.

Signal Techtronics launched out of the Blackstone LaunchPad incubator in Wayne State University last fall. The startup and its team of five people have received $2,000 in seed capital earlier this year. It it currently participating in TechTown's Venture Accelerator program where it is developing its first production-ready prototype.

"We should have the prototype done by the end of the summer," Kim says.

Source: Tom Kim, co-founder & inventor of Signal Techtronics
Writer: Jon Zemke

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