Venture for America fellows launch video production firm TernPro out of Bizdom

Brian Bosche came to Detroit two years ago as part of the inaugural class of Venture for America, a two-year program that pairs talented college grads with startups in economically challenged cities. Bosche ended up working on the leadership team at Bizdom and noticed a common challenge all of the entrepreneurs in the program were facing.

"They all struggled to tell their story," Bosche says. "Especially with video because video is really hard."

That inspired Bosche to start TernPro, a full-service video production company. Along with Venture for America fellow Dan Bloom, Bosche launched the company earlier this year. TernPro is currently going through Bizdom's startup accelerator program, but is already producing videos for a variety of clients, including Come Play Detroit, Quicken Loans, and Grand Circus.

"[We do] everything from real-estate to travel, both in Detroit and across the country, as well." Bosche says.

That workload has allowed TernPro to hire two employees and bring on an intern. Bosche expects to continue adding staff this year, possibly bringing the firm’s intern on as a full-time employee.

TernPro is also developing a video creation platform so everyday people can produce videos and track the public's interaction with them. Bosche hopes to have a Beta version of the comprehensive video creation platform up and running by next year.

"That entire process is one I’d love to have on one platform," Bosche says.

Source: Brian Bosche, co-founder & CEO of TernPro
Writer: Jon Zemke

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