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Title Source hires 500, including 100 tech pros

Title Source didn’t just hire a few people in 2013 or even a few dozen. It hired a few hundred. Five hundred hires to be precise.

The downtown Detroit-based title company hired 500 people last year, including 100 people who specialize in technology development, such as software developers. It is currently looking to hire another dozen people.

"Last year was probably our record breaking year," says Jeff Eisenshtadt, president & CEO of Title Source. "We grew the company, top-line, by 40 percent. We grew our headcount by a third."

Title Source specializes in real-estate services, such as title and appraisal work. It moved to the First National Building overlooking Campus Martius in the summer of 2012, bring the bulk of its workforce with it from Troy. It followed the lead of Quicken Loans to be close to one of its primary customers. Title Source currently employs 2,000 people, including 1,600 in downtown Detroit.

Since moving downtown, Title Source has made developing its principal technology, Atlas, a priority. The custom software focuses on streamlining the title creation process, specifically the communication aspect between the the numerous moving parts of the process, including property researchers, appraisers, city services. The idea is to eliminate miscommunications and make what once took hours to do only take a few minutes.

Atlas has allowed Title Source to eliminate the usage of other software platforms, saving it money in licensing fees. Title Source is now working on creating a new software platform for its vendors called Nexsys. Title Source works with about 25,000 vendors across the U.S. and Eisenshtadt hopes having some of those major vendors using Nexsys will allow for more efficiencies to be created.

Source: Jeff Eisenshtadt, president & CEO of Title Source
Writer: Jon Zemke

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