Software start-up UpTo launches out of M@dison Building

The people behind UpTo, the newest start-up to launch out of the M@dison Building, see the future of social media as moving away from the past.

The nearly 1-year-old company is launching on software that allows social media users to better connect with their friends by alerting them about where they will be. Currently, things like Four Square and FB tell users where their friends are or just were. UpTo gives them a heads up on where their friends will be later that day by plugging their calendar into their social media platforms.

"What if we could see ahead of time what the people we really care about are up to?" says Greg Schwartz, co-founder & CEO of UpTo.

UpTo is financially backed by Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures after closing a seed capital round with them in October. The start-up currently employs four full-time employees, two independent contractors and an intern at the M@dison Building. The company expects to keep hiring this year as its product gains traction in the market place.

"We could see a time where we double in size if all the pieces fall into place," Schwartz says.

Source: Greg Schwartz, co-founder & CEO of UpTo
Writer: Jon Zemke

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