Detroit, save the bagels!

Imagine a city with nary a bagel bakery to its name.

That shouldn't be too difficult. Detroit, for all its charms, lacks even one brick-and-mortar bagel shop within the city limits. The Detroit Institute of Bagels is hoping to change that. Boiled and baked, their line of spheroid starches offer more than just sesame and salt for choices. Rumor has it these dough punchers craft a bacon cheddar bagel and cherry chocolate chunk confection, among other flavors.

But the Detroit Institute of Bagels is looking for dough (bad pun) to purchase an oven to combat the 'bagel deserts" grown rampant in the Motor City. Want to name a bagel or take a cooking class? Hey, how 'bout free bagels for life? Join the cause!


The DIB will increase the livability of the city, attract more residents, bring in dollars from neighboring suburbs, employ city residents and put Detroit on the map in the bagel world. This bagel shop could more than double the population of Detroit (see graph), through offering a staple and sign of any growing community -- the bagel.  And the small-batch varieties available at the DIB will increase visitors coming to the city, which in turn increases foot traffic, which decreases crime, which makes Detroit that much better of a place to live!

Hungry? Put your money where your mouth is and join the campaign.