Bon Bon Bon grows into own storefront in downtown Hamtramck

Bon Bon Bon turns 2 years old this summer, and the maker of delicious chocolate snacks has become so successful in such a short time that it has to limit the ways people can give it money.

"We can't meet demand for our products," says Alexandra Clark, founding chocolateer of Bon Bon Bon. "We limited the ways people could get our product. We only sell them through retail."

That’s about to change now that the Hamtramck-based company is moving into a newer, bigger home on Jos. Campau, the city’s main drag. The new location will provide Bon Bon Bon with a retail space and a large production area with enough space for future growth.

"We definitely needed more space and we definitely weren't leaving Hamtramck," Clark says.

Bon Bon Bon purchased the building at 11360 Jos Campau earlier this year. It came with 3,000 square feet of commercial space -- six times bigger than its old home -- on the first floor. There is also residential space on the second floor and more space further into the bowels of the building.

"Downstairs will be our full production space," Clark says. "There is also a basement we can expand into."

Bon Bon Bon has grown into a staff of 10 people in the nearly two years since its founding. About half of that staff works on a full-time basis, while the rest is part-time. That workforce has allowed Bon Bon Bon to double is sales over the last year. Clark expects production to pick up now what she has the room to grow.

"Hopefully this is something that can house us for a very long time," Clark says.

Source: Alexandra Clark, founding chocolateer of Bon Bon Bon
Writer Jon Zemke

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