Go! Smoothies leverages tasty drinks to create healthy lifestyles

Go! Smoothies made a name for itself in its first year by opening a downtown location and expanding its product lineup. Now the health-and-wellness company is launching two other brands in 2015: Go! Press and Go! Beyond.

Go! Smoothies is the retail and smoothie end of the business. It also launched Go! Press, which specializes in healthy juices. Both entities operate under the Go! Beyond brand, which was founded by Callie Bradford, Monique Dooley, and Monical Samuel.

"All of us have a passion and background in educations and health-and-wellness-related issues," Samuel says.

Go! Beyond now employs eight people, including a handful at its retail location at 110 Clifford. That team focuses on the production and sale of its smoothie and juice products. The trio of co-founders use those sales to reach more people interested in living a healthier lifestyles.

"We find that products that are aesthetically pleasing and taste good help us talk about other issues with them," Samuel says. "We would like to expand and have a whole wellness campaign going."

Source: Monica Samuel, partner & director of operations of Go! Smoothies
Writer: Jon Zemke

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