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LAX resto-lounge brings "airport chic" to Adams Street

Omar Mitchell prides himself on his creativity. His latest venture, located at 22 W. Adams in downtown Detroit, will offer 15,000 square feet of a unique experience to the city -- airline-themed nightlife.

"LAX Club Hangar is an airport-themed entertainment restaurant and club and entertainment complex," Mitchell explains. That means the bartender serving drinks is referred to as a "Pilot," the waitress serving up small plates answers to "Flight Attendant," and even the busboys are known as "Cargo Runners."

"We're trying to make it really airline-themed," Mitchell says. "All the employees are in airline uniforms." The expansive venue is also designed with hundreds of flashing LED lights, which contributes to the feeling of enjoying a night out on the tarmac.

The LAX kitchen, which will open this fall, features a tapas menu, specialty pizzas and food served tableside on platters of hot rocks. "I'm an executive chef by trade and I wanted to give something that would entertain folks while they're eating," Mitchell says. He hopes to attract theatergoers, Tigers fans and families by day. At night, expect LAX Club Hangar to feature a rotating list of area DJs and bands, performing from a suspended stage which hangs from the ceiling. 25 booths lining the walls will be available for reservations.

Months of renovations have gone into restoring the space. "This place has not been operational since the 1960s, when it was an adult and gay-pride entertainment spot," Michell says.

LAX Club Hangar will celebrate its grand opening with a party on Aug. 6. Just follow the moving spotlights set up on West Adams Ave.

Source: Omar Mitchell, co-owner, LAX Restolounge
Writer: Ashley C. Woods
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