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Global Detroit: Attracting immigrants key to Detroit growth

The authors make a powerful point that the lack of new immigrant populations and diversity in Detroit has contributed to population loss and disinvestment in the city. They also propose solutions to help atteact and retain foreign-born residents.   


UIX: Audra Carson and De:Tread

This enterprising group provides solutions to tire blight with the result being cleaner, healthier and safer Detroit neighborhoods. Tunde Wey talks to founder Audra Carson in the Osborn neighborhood.


On the Ground: Changing the culture of learning

Students at the Brenda Scott Academy are not part of a traditional academic setting. They have longer school days and remain in class 11 months out of the year. Matthew Lewis spent time there last week and witnessed good things beginning to develop.


Detroit rallies round the G.A.R. once again and what that means for downtown

Tom and David Carleton began developing downtown property in the early 1990s, when most of the money was headed elsewhere. Now they talk about creating "the greatest space to take a meeting between New York and L.A." Francis Grunow meets the brothers for a chat on the roof of the Grand Army Republic building.


Opinion: Bankruptcy, the beginning of another opportunity

Matthew Naimi has made an impact working on food, land use and recyling issues. He has run for City Council and worked on youth programs with the Detroit Public Schools. He says bankruptcy provides us with a real plan, perhaps for the first time. 


On the ground and running

Welcome to Osborn, where writer Matthew Lewis is spending the summer reporting on all the small but important things that build community life in a Detroit neighborhood. Where does the energy begin? At the Benjamin Franklin branch of the Detroit Public Library.


Whole lotta local foods love

When Whole Foods Market planned its Midtown location it also made sure to include the products of Detroit food innovators and entrepreneurs on its shelves. Food writer Noelle Lothamer takes us down the aisles to show us where the local stuff stacks up. 


Locavore shopping list: Our guide to Detroit vendors at WFM

The local food scene is booming in Detroit, and it's reflected in the choices available to shoppers at Midtown's Whole Foods Market. Noelle Lothamer gives us a taste what you can find there.  


UIX: Detroit bids for X Games

Detroiters Kevin Krease and Garret Koehler have taken a bid for bringing the X Games to Detroit into the final round. Word is that the announcement will be made this week. MJ Galbraith has the story for the Urban Innovation Exchange.


Support, outreach winning combo for DC Futbol Club

Oh, yeah, and the team is none too shabby either, just capturing its regular season championship with an 11-0-1 record. Matthew Lewis was on the pitch screaming "goal!" at the team's recent victory over Buffalo. 


Detroit Regional City talk recapped

The Detroit Institute of Arts was host to a stimulating panel discussion on regionalism -- a vitally important cog in the future of the city. Walter Wasacz brought his notebook, Oren Goldenberg his video camera. 


On the Ground: Model D launches summer media hub in Osborn

Our new summerlong series in Osborn is about people and projects driving neighborhood transformation. We'll meet residents and leaders, educators and students, artists and entrepreneurs, get the big picture by seeing all the little details at work. Claire Nelson prepares us for what's to come.


UIX: Monty Luke and Black Catalogue

He's a California man who relocated to Detroit kicking and screaming. That's OK dude, and probably the best way to enter the music and entrepreneurial scenes here. Monty Luke DJs, produces his own techno and started a company. Not bad all, writes Tunde Wey.


Hustling harder at Van Dusen Urban Leadership Forum

The author attended a two-day design workshop at Ponyride -- a space that she says radiates joy and resourcefulness -- challenged by organizers to come with ideas that go beyond joy and get off the ground. Meagan Elliott breaks it down.

arts and scraps list-2

Power up Detroit with a little giving

CultureSource is launching an online, crowd-funding source called power2give. The Eastern Market-based nonprofit arts and culture professional association serves nonprofits across the region. Executive director Maud Lyon tells us what the group is working on now.
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