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Model D TV: Tom Nardone and the Detroit Mower Gang

Literally a foot-to-the-pedal, dirt-inside-the-fingernails organization that helps keep playgrounds and other green spaces cut in Detroit, the Mower Gang is garnering national attention for its good work. DETROIT LIVES! produced the video. 


Global Detroit: Let's celebrate National Welcoming Week

U.S.-born residents join with immigrants and refugees in a spirit of unity across Michigan and the rest of the country for National Welcoming Week. Christine Sauvé of Welcoming Michigan teams up with Global Detroit for this report.


Game not over: New beats flow in Detroit hip hop scene

Move over Marshall Mathers, respect to the memory of J Dilla, there is a new crop of Detroit artists and designers inspired by hip hop culture. Veronica Grandison follows the flow to meet the innovators making it happen now. 


On the Ground: Young and Hmong in Osborn

The Hmong people are an ethnic group that originates from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand and speak the Hmong language. Matthew Lewis introduces us to three recent high school grads from the Osborn neighborhood.


Model D Speaker Series: Transit, Outside the Box

Join us Friday, Sept. 27 at 1515 Broadway in downtown Detroit to culminate this year's Transportation Odyssey with a special happy hour and conversation about "outside the box" thinking to better connect our city, region and state.


Model D Speaker Series on creative education recapped

A panel and audience made up of arts educators and artists, teachers and other interested citizens joined in a spirited conversation at the Henry Ford Academy Elementary School last month. Matthew Lewis took notes.


UIX: Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit

Since Rick Sperling launched the group in 1992, Mosaic Youth Theatre has performed for presidents, received distinguished awards, and toured the world. MJ Galbraith reports for the Urban Innovation Exchange.


On the Ground: Community change makers

Providing young people with the tools for success is what motivates Kibwe Pope and Lisa Leverette to mentor kids living in the Osborn neighborhood. Matthew Lewis talks to these two community builders in this week's On the Ground feature.


Youth Transit Alliance: Pilot program gets kids where they need to go

The lack of functional public transit in Detroit hits kids hard, especially when there is no bus to get them to and from youth programs. Nina Ignazak tells us about a new partnership, launched by the Skillman Foundation and the Detroit Bus Company, that is meeting this critical demand.


Detroit by District: Linking generations in Southwest

In this multi-ethnic, multi-lingual area with a population as much young as it is elderly, nonprofits under the umbrella of the Community Development Advocates of Detroit are helping people make important connections. Matthew Lewis reports from the newly-minted Claytown neighborhood.


See you in September

We hate to take the last week of August off, we really do. But, like the French, we will make good use of our time at our favorite late summer beach. As you should, dear Model D reader. We will return Sept. 10 with more Detroit-based love in words and pictures.


UIX: Elizabeth Garlow and Michigan Corps

Read all about an organization that connects Michigan citizens to opportunities that help advance social innovation in the state. Tunde Wey is on the case for the Urban Innovation Exchange.


Innovation City: Join us for OpenCo Detroit

This Thursday, Sept. 12 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. we'll be doing a loop of incubators and co-working spaces in greater downtown that have emerged as springboards for new ideas in the city. Get more info inside and sign up today. 


Opinion: Keep DIA collection off the table

To sell assets held in public trust would set a poor precedent for its lack of preservation of art and cultural artifacts. In addition, there is very little legal support or business sense in seeking a sale of the art, says guest columnist and bankruptcy attorney Kimberly Clayson. 


City kids: High-quality charter schools await Detroit families

The Detroit Achievement Academy, James and Grace Lee Boggs School and the Y Detroit Leadership Academy High School are opening this fall in the city. Amy Kuras shows us what we can expect.
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