The Last Temptation of the Nain Rouge

What does a harbinger of doom do on the eve of his demise? Enjoy one last night of debauchery, of course.
Join us Saturday, March 23 from 7 to 11 p.m. at 4470 Second Avenue for a final frolic before we bid farewell to Detroit’s dastardly devil.
Dress in your best burlesque for a sultry soiree featuring:
• Red light salon appearance by the floozies of author Kathe Koja's Under the Poppy, accompanied by an accordionist on the front lawn at 8 p.m. Hot.
• Mood elevating, Max Ernst-inspired tunes by Revolution by Night DJs. Cool. 
• A taste of the French Quarter by McClure's (Bloody Mary Gumbo, anyone?)
• More food and drink courtesy of Porktown Sausage, Cupcak'n, Kenny's Sweet Cabbage, and Traffic Jam & Snug.
• Tales of Detroit’s delectibly delirious past, on the bottom floor, by the Cass Corridor Museum
• The Nain Rouge himself says he "might stop by." Read our exclusive Q&A here.

Hosted by the Cass Corridor MuseumUnder the PoppyWinkMcClure’s Pickles and Model D.

For all the delicious details about the official Marche du Nain Rouge festivities, go here.
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