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Animal House Party: this summer shindig saves the strays

Only a few miles separate the timeless elegance of the Whitney mansion and the lonesome dogs and cats at the Michigan Humane Society's Detroit Hospital for Animal Care. It might as well be another world. But the founders of Animal House Party, a new benefit celebration to benefit the Michigan Humane Society, are attempting to bring some awareness to the 100,000 animals cared for annually by MHS.

Organized by Tweetea founder Hubert Sawyers III and his wife, Eliza Sorise-Sawyers, Animal House Party also represents a new trend in Detroit -- capturing the next generation of young donors through innovative methods, like a July 19 Tweetup and online auction.


We need to reach more of the individuals from the younger generations who are reaching the point in their careers where they have disposable income and are looking to support a nonprofit. The 20- and 30-somethings who haven't decided for which nonprofits they have a passion are often defined by making those discoveries on their own terms and through newer channels.

Animal House Party will invade Midtown's The Whitney on Saturday, August 6. The $40 ticket includes dining, alcohol, valet parking and entertainment (former WDET reporter Kim Sorise and Ann Arbor's DJ Graffiti will man the turntables). All proceeds benefit the Michigan Humane Society.

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