Cabaret 313 aims to bring cabaret music to Detroit

Cabaret is world renown but it's not exactly well-known in one of the world's best music cities. Sandi Reitelman and Allan Nachman are working to change that with a new nonprofit, Cabaret 313.

Cabaret is a form of entertainment where actors and singers perform on a stage at a restaurant or a nightclub, such as telling a story through a song. It initially gained popularity in the late 19th Century in Europe. It transitioned to North America in the early 20th Century, becoming a fixture in cities like Chicago by the 1920s.

"We have nothing like it in Detroit," Reitleman says. "While Detroit is a music city this type of music doesn’t exist here. This is an opportunity to bring it here."

Reitleman and Nachman started Cabaret 313 last year as a way to help bring the art form to Detroit. It has held a handful of soirees in the city over the last year. It will hold its next performance at the M@dison Building at 6:45 p.m. on Oct. 26. More information here.

"It just seemed to us that this is something we needed to do for Detroit." Reitleman says.

Source: Sandi Reitleman, executive director of Cabaret 313
Writer: Jon Zemke

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