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The Floyd Leg leverages $256K in crowdfunding to start biz

We all encounter ideas that are so simple and intuitive we can't help but say, 'Why didn't I think of that?' The Floyd Leg has come up with one of those ideas.

The Floyd Leg's namesake product consists of four steel table legs that can attach to just about any flat surface of the user’s desire. Each leg, which is fabricated in Metro Detroit at a local manufacturer, comes with a clamp that allows it to firmly attach to a flat surface and form a table for light-to-medium use -- think makeshift coffee tables, end tables, desks, and the like. Check out a video on it here.

"It allows you to go out and find the surface you want, whether it’s an old door or reclaimed wood," says Kyle Hoff, who co-founded The Floyd Leg with Alex O’Dell.

A wildly successful crowdfunding campaign has helped this accelerate the start of this 3-month-old company. Hoff and O’Dell launched the campaign with a goal of raising $18,000. They raised $256,273 from 1,395 backers.

"It was amazing," Hoff says. "We were blown away."

The Floyd Leg is based in North Corktown at Practice Space (2801 14th Street). It is working with Reclaim Detroit and Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit to help pair reclaimed materials with its table legs. The partners behind The Floyd Leg plan to spend this spring and summer working on new products and filling orders.

"We're looking to produce more inventory so people can purchase it online and we can ship it that day," Hoff says.

Source: Kyle Hoff, co-founder of The Floyd Leg
Writer: Jon Zemke

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