DeVries & Co. 1887 prepares for Eastern Market Tuesdays

The hustle and bustle of Eastern Market is always apparent on Saturdays. Today though, marks the opening of Eastern Market Tuesdays which will run through Oct. 30. 
Visitors to the market will have an opportunity to re-discover the local market and stores in the area, participate in educational activities, culinary demonstrations, and community outreach opportunities. 
DeVries & Co. 1887 (formerly R. Hirt) is one store taking advantage of Eastern Market Tuesdays by opening its doors from 10 a.m.- 6 p.m. and offering free food samples.
"Eastern Market is a great location, has done good things, and it’s one of the places people like to come," said David DeVries.
DeVries & Co. recently invested about six figures worth to do renovations to the beloved store that’s 125 years old.
"We worked hard at not destroying the spirit," DeVries said.
Instead, they did wall washing, a little painting and put up new lights.
"People didn’t want us to modernize it…one day we were about to paint the posts and someone said 'don’t paint the posts because the posts have wear marks on them, they show oldness and use,'" he said.

The well-known cheese shop is looking forward to continuing its tradition of bringing in loyal customers, some going back three and four generations.
"It’s a fun store and we are interested in quality and good value," DeVries said.

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Source: David DeVries 
Writer: Leah Johnson 
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