M@dison Building-based Savorfull capitalizes on free-from market

Stacy Goldberg worked as a nutritional consultant before noticing the emergence of the free-from market for food, a niche of consumable products that are free of things like nuts or gluten for people with restrictive diets.

That prompted her to start Savorfull, an Internet start-up that helps connect people with restrictive diets (such as those with peanut allergies or who are gluten intolerant) with a broad range of foods and drinks they can enjoy.

"The market for free-from foods is growing exponentially," says Stacy Goldberg, founder & CEO of Savorfull. "The number of patients I had with restrictive diets was also growing."

Golberg launched Savorfull in February and now oversees a team of five employees and two interns inside the M@dison Building in downtown Detroit. The company is set to launch publicly in August and will provide a web platform for people to purchase healthy fods and trade tips on how live life to the fullest with restrictive diets.
"We're not a full-service grocery store," Goldberg says. "We know there are a lot of choices out there so we make it less overwhelming. We're trying to build a community. We want people sharing information and choices. We have a big social media component built it."

Source: Stacy Goldberg, founder & CEO of Savorfull
Writer: Jon Zemke

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