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Detroit's newest pop-ups: Filipino cuisine, mashed potatoes

New pop-up restaurants are sprouting up throughout the city. Pop-ups allow  new entrepreneurs to introduce their products to the public without ever having to sign a lease or spend the up front costs associated with building out a new facility. A pop-up can generate as much excitement as a restaurant opening, its limited run only adding to its allure.

Sarap, a pop-up featuring a modern twist on Filipino fare, sold out its first event at Supino Pizzeria on June 23. They already have waiting lists going for future dates throughout the region. While a second Detroit date has yet to be announced, co-founder Dorothy Hernandez says she is working on securing a future event in the city.

Hernandez started Sarap with her partner, chef Jake Williams. The pair works together as they play with the recipes Hernandez grew up with in her mom's kitchen. For example, longaniza, a Filipino-style sausage, is dressed as a hot dog, complete with Filipino toppings and bun. She thinks that Filipino cuisine could become the next food trend and hopes that people will start thinking about it as much as they do Thai or Japanese.

"I've been seeing a lot of Filipino food in other cities like Chicago and Portland, but not in Detroit," says Hernandez. "Detroit is becoming a foodie town. This expands people's palates."

Of course, you need one business willing to host another for a pop-up to occur. Even with a popular menu of its own, St. Cece's Pub in Corktown offers up its facilities to guest chefs. MASH, a mashed potato-themed pop-up, takes over Tuesday July 15.  

Source: Dorothy Hernandez, co-owner of Sarap
Writer: MJ Galbraith

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