Feature Story Fel'le's "King LeRoy" mural in Live6

Explore the new murals and mosaics livening up Live6

The vast majority of the new public art pieces — 90 percent — have been created by Detroit artists with connections to the neighborhood.  

Feature Story Daniel and Victoria Washington

How a cookie dough company aims to help revitalize NW Goldberg

As Detroit Dough grows as a company, it doesn't forget its roots in NW Goldberg.

Feature Story Whiskeys on the Water

Secret food tour: All the best Downriver eats (and drinks) you've never heard of

Downriver. It’s like some secret community of food destinations nobody wants you to know about (but they totally do).

Feature Story Julie Ribaudo.

Infant mental health programs create better futures for little Michiganders and their parents

Most people don’t really think about infant mental health until they notice its absence – but the difference can be stark to the observer and life-changing for the infant.

Feature Story Derrick Adams comes to get his shoes shined around every other month at Reflections, and he has been a customer of Boggon’s for 40 years.

Jazz revival: Bringing back Red's Jazz Shoe Shine Parlor in North End

North End leaders are working to bring back a legendary spot that once played host to the likes of Aretha Franklin and Smokey Robinson and honor legacy of shoe shine owner.

Feature Story Mark Crain

How a cross-cultural coalition is making a 'Dream of Detroit' real in one Motor City neighborhood

Dream of Detroit, which has roots in the city's Muslim community, is combining community organizing with housing and land development to revitalize a west-side neighborhood.

Feature Story Jessica Robinson, executive director of the Michigan Mobility Institute, says a multidisciplinary approach is key to our future workforce.

Michigan Mobility Institute begins crafting curriculum in partnership with Wayne State University

The institute's executive director says the process of creating a first-of-its-kind Master of Mobility degree is "well underway."

Feature Story LIST-McMorrow-banner.jpg

Mobility Moments Podcast: Sen. Mallory McMorrow, Michigan Automotive Caucus

Michigan Senator Malloy McMorrow is learning firsthand about the challenges of being a plug-in electric vehicle owner. Discover what she's doing to help cover the state with a robust charging infrastructure and create a prosperous automobility economy, Pure Michigan style.

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New ideas and forward-thinking actions are all part of the arts in the D. Visual artists, including painters, sculptors, designers, architects; and musicians working in nearly every genre (or sub-genre) under the sun and moon are here doing their funky thing.

All provide the foundation for multiple ...

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Several enclaves around eastbound Jefferson boast fine urban living options, from historic homes to high rise apartments and condos — some riverside, others inland, but all close to downtown and Belle Isle. Known as "The Villages," they include Indian Village, English Village, ...