Feature Story Desirae Simmons

ICPJ works in collaboration to bring community voices to decision-making tablesThe Nonprofit Journal Project

As organizations, we cannot do all of the things, even if we feel compelled to," says Desirae Simmons, co-director of the Interfaith Council on Peace and Justice. "And we don't want these areas of work to be moving without one another because that diminishes power and impact, and can make it feel like we have different goals, which is not true. So how do we stack solutions to the issues we’re trying to solve so that we can have a wider coalition and move multiple things at one time?"  

Longform DAW

20 by ‘25: Take a tour of the rapidly expanding network of pocket parks of NW GoldbergModel D Explorer Series

“In a lot of ways, we see public spaces being only as good as the programming that exists within them,” says Daniel A. Washington, founder and executive director of NW Goldberg Cares. “So for us, it was very important to go into every public space with the intention to actually develop, launch, and offer programs that brought value to the community.”

Partner Content David Sampson, CEO of Mariners Inn, stands in front of a building that is part of a redevelopment project that will enable his organization to provide seamless transitions to affordable housing for the clients served.

Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis helping affordable housing in Detroit become a realityOpportunities to build generational wealth

In 2020, four affordable housing developments landed a total of $1.8 million in grants through the Affordable Housing Program, which will result in 318 units throughout the city. Previously, an AHP grant hadn’t been secured in Detroit since 2014: “This comeback and revitalization is for everybody.”

Feature Story The Heidelberg Project

The Heidelberg Project: 35 years later and still evolving

Ever heard of Heidelbergology? In an interview with The Heidelberg Project creator Tyree Guyton and president Jenenne Whitfield, Biba Adams explores the legacy of the initiative, its current and future endeavors, and why art is essential to the future of prosperity in Detroit: “It has really been the catalyst that has jumped started the arts renaissance in Detroit.”

Feature Story Lisa Grodsky

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren program works to stay connected with vulnerable familiesThe Nonprofit Journal Project

Many of our grandparents express how this program's given them a much needed sense of community, says Lisa Grodsky, program operations manager at Oakland Livingston Human Service Agency, and helped them to feel supported and happy knowing they aren't alone.

Longform Dr. Brad Merker.

New clinic helps Michiganders overcome traumas of intensive care

Henry Ford Health System's Post ICU Brain Health Clinic provides specialized care for adults 55 and older who have survived intensive care.

Feature Story Jasun Ward

Afghanistan: Three Metro Detroit veterans share their perspectives

"Check in with your buddies. Make sure they're doing okay."  "My ask would be: Patience and grace for the veteran in your space." These are some of the requests from Metro Detroit veterans as they reflect on the Afghanistan war. Three courageous vets open up about the impact on them and what they need from their communities right now. 

Feature Story Cindy Eggleton

Relationship-centered Brilliant Detroit asks, How can we do better?The Nonprofit Journal Project

"Our country’s educational system was inequitable before, and it still is," says Cindy Eggleton of Brilliant Detroit. "COVID-19 has given us an opportunity to rethink systems, and I’m wondering if we are rethinking enough? As not-for-profits, organizations and people, I take seriously our responsibility to turn this not-so-great thing into an opportunity to look deeply at how systems work in order to better serve kids and families."

Feature Story From left to right: APIA president Willie Dechavez, Commissioner Anthony Eid, Commissioner Richard Weiss, Commissioner M.C. Rothhorn, Commissioner Rebecca Szetela, APIA executive director Rebeka Islam, APIA VP Leinda Schleicher

How underrepresented communities have a chance to overcome gerrymandering

“We are concerned with populations that have been historically underrepresented and have, traditionally, not been brought into these kinds of processes,” says Joan Gustafson, external affairs officer for MNA. Read about how the MNA is changing the ways in which we draw our political maps, one community of interest at a time.

Feature Story Black Mafia Family

REVIEW: 'Black Mafia Family' brings out generational complexities of the American dream

With Starz already announcing the renewal of Detroit-based “Black Mafia Family” for a second season, reviewer Kahn Davison recommends you "stock up on Better Mades and Faygos", this is going to be a long ride. 

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