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Name Address Neighborhood Type Status Year Investment
Alden Towers 8100 E. Jefferson Avenue Gold Coast Renovation In Progress 2014 $5,000,000
Avenue of Fashion Livernois Ave. between McNichols and 8 Mile Rd. University Commons Beautification Under Construction 2014 $1,700,000
Charlotte Apartments 644 Charlotte Midtown Renovation In Progress 2014 $6,100,000
David Whitney Building 1553 Woodward Downtown Renovation In Progress 2014 $80,000,000
Detroit RiverWalk Detroit Riverfront Downtown New Construction Under Construction 2014 $250,000,000
Detroit Savings Bank Building 1212 Griswold Capitol Park Renovation In Progress 2014 $37,000,000
Globe Building Atwater and Orleans Riverfront Renovation Under Construction 2014 $12,800,000
Lofts of Merchants Row (expansion) 1413 Woodward Downtown Renovation In Progress 2014 $10,000,000
Queen Lillian Midtown Professional Building 3439 Woodward Avenue Midtown New Construction In Progress 2014 $30,000,000
Riverfront Towers 100 Riverfront Avenue Downtown (Riverfront) Renovation In Progress 2014 $5,000,000
Total Projects= 10 Total Investment= $437,600,000

Projects Database is for informational purposes only compiled from available public records. Please consult with the property owner or developer for more information about a project listed. May not be reproduced without written consent.